CO2 to Green Fuels and Chemicals

What are g-Fuels and g-Chemicals?

g-Fuels and g-Chemicas are green products obtained from CO2 combined with Atomic Hydrogen available during water electrolysis reactions. This process is known as CO2 electroreduction and the reaction energy necessarily comes from Green Power -Solar, Wind-.

Target g-Products are mainly g-Ethanol and g-Ethylene. g-Methane, or g-Propanol can be obtained as well among others. These products are the building blocks of a new green chemistry.

Catalysts interacting with the electrodes can direct selectivity towards the product of interest for each desired application.

How g-Fuels and g-Chemicals are made?
Water electrolysis for CO2 Electroreduction

As long as water electrolysis takes place, the reaction is similar to that for hydrogen obtention. There are two main differences:

The equipment consisting of the catalysts, the membrane and the rest of the materials must show appropriate conversion, selectivity, conductivity, stability, and tightness under the operating conditions of the industrial electrolyser.

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