Current steering power

Green H2 challenges

  • Green H2 requires large distribution networks due to the very low density of H2. In addition, green power sources are usually not constant and additional energy storage is necessary.
  • Green H2 solutions for road transportation imply extremely high pressures.
  • Green H2 is driving the improvements in refineries to make e-fuels blended with fossil fuels.
  • Green H2 to e-Ammonia is driving developments for ammonia and its derived chemicals. e-Ammonia uses as a fuel for transport applications are limited.
  • Green H2 conversion to e-Fuels like e-methanol works for carbon capture but it still requires a neighboring synthesis plant and an additional energy input beyond the green H2 energy bill.

From and industrial point of view, there is still no capture technology widespread enough to Cap Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

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